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Our Story


We, Jared and Erica Cordes, planted our first blackberry field in the spring of 2013 and harvested our first crop the following year.  Since then, we have learned so much about producing high-quality berries for our customers. We love being able to directly interact with you and hope you truly enjoy your experience on our farm.


Our small berry patch consists of a half acre of strawberries planted in 2019 and two and a half acres of blackberry production.  


We are generally open June 1st through mid-August although this changes from year to year. Follow us on Facebook or give us a call to make sure berries are available.


Berry picking is a great family activity and we love to have children come and see how food is grown.  We offer shaded picnic tables for your convenience so bring a picnic and make it a fun family tradition!

If you can't make it to the farm, you can find us at local Farmer's markets with fresh juicy fruit, as well as canned goods! 


In the off-season, we carry frozen berries so your taste buds can be satisfied all year long. 

Please watch our Facebook page - we'll occasionally surprise you with other fresh treats like blueberries, rhubarb, sweet corn, or tomatoes!

Cordes I Photos-12.jpg

 Jared and his dad, planting strawberries 

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